Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Mob Mentality and Lord of the Flies.

There are many examples of mob/gang mentality taking over the minds of the children on the island. The community and lack of leadership got the kids to behave very strangely in certain situations. Mob mentality is a  real phenomenon and it happens in Lord of the Flies. The main example of mob mentality in Lord of the Flies would be when Simon is killed by the group without any single person having a reason to kill him, but after being put in that mob situation where no one person is thinking clearly but just acting the same way the person next to them is. Afterwards they all regret the action they took but in the moment they do not think but only act. Piggys death can also be attributed to the craziness going on in the heads of the kids on the island, Roger goes insane without supervision and thinks he did nothing wrong in the group.

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